What is the pay increase for X-ray technicians?

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                  Medical x-ray machines will never cease to exist as long as diseases are around. And unfortunately for us the time for a disease-free Earth is not within our reach right now or even for a thousand years to come. But the fact that these diseases exist is actually beneficial especially to those who are working in the medical field. Imagine if no one gets sick. So hospitals are not needed anymore and with them the people in the medical area such as doctors, nurses, therapists, x-ray technicians and many others will lose their jobs. Thus we can’t really say that this diseases are really bad for us. Being sick will not only give people their jobs but it will be a constant reminder for us to care for ourselves and live a healthy life to avoid catching any illnesses.  After all experience is the best teacher.

The bottom line is people in the medical field will always have their jobs because hospitals have to operate 24/7 and in able to do that they need a lot of people. So if you’re thinking into going in that direction then your future is safe. Well in terms of salary that is. One example are the x-ray technicians who are the ones responsible for operating the x-ray machines. These specialized diagnostic tools are very useful for physicians and that is why x-ray technicians are very much needed in the health industry. Being an x-ray technician is not an easy job because it requires knowledge on how to properly operate these machines because their reading will affect people’s care. They have got to know what they are doing properly and ensure that what they get is accurate to be able to give optimum care to the patients.

Becoming an x-ray technician is quite easy and requires so much less time and money compared to other paying positions in the medical field which makes it an attractive choice for a career. A certification can be obtained in anywhere from six months to a year. For starters, the salaries can range from $40,000 to $60,000 on average per year. Most people earn this much for a short amount of time of working as an x-ray tech before they experience an increase and jump to the next level. The next level is the Radiologic Technician with experience in Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammography, Vascular Technology and Echocardiography. To be in this category, you must at least have an Associate’s Degree in Science (AS) or applied science (AAS). Professionals can now earn up to $60,000 to a low six-figure income. This is a status that many clinicians aspire to achieve. The third category is not very common but there is a significant difference in the potential income. When you become qualified to be called a radiologic technologist then your income can skydive above $100,000. But this requires at least a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Technicians in this category can choose their specialty from fluoroscopy, diagnostic radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, sonography, computed tomography and nuclear medicine. For more exact values you can check out this article at www.xraytechedu.com/salary/.


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